Alfie Latanski, a European born composer and guitarist living in Ontario Canada
He is the grandson of a professional violinist, son of a theatre dancer and his mother was a costume designer for the National Ballet.
His childhood exposure to the arts and classical music by some of the world greatest composers set the stage and inspired him to learn classical guitar at the age of 10.

As a young boy he was mesmerized by the bands of colourful gypsies performing live music in the streets of his home town. They greatly influenced him and is reflected in his musical style of today.
Alfie’s melodic gypsy acoustic guitar style evokes sensuality, romance, elegance and a definite playfulness in his fans, connecting the hearts and souls of kindred spirits.
The music of “Soul Heart” inspires the primal dancer in all of us, and delivers pure Nouveau Flamenco passion at it’s finest.